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***Please Read “Guidelines for Story Approval Below Before Submitting Your Request to become a contributing writer***

How to become a contributing writer

  • Be sure you have a free WordPress account.
  • Submit a request to become a contributor using the form below.

We will personally review your request and if approved, you will be able to share your personal stories directly on Borderland Faith as a Contributor / Author.

Your posts will be under your own name / username and appear on the Borderland Faith Stories blog.

Guidelines for Stories

The primary purpose of this site is to provide a platform for the sharing of personal faith stories to include journeys to faith, struggles with faith and tension between doubt and faith. Everyone (regardless of belief or lack thereof) is welcome to submit their story, but should fall within the boundaries of the overall theme.

For contributors to be approved they need to meet the following guidelines:

Open mindedness

While those who do not have faith are welcome to share their story, please keep in mind that this is a site dedicated to the basic Christian faith for honest dialogue, support and encouragement.

Not used as a platform for standing on a soapbox

This site is dedicated to those who have at some point found or still find themselves in tension between faith and doubt or a version of their faith. This is not the place for those who wish to shout their beliefs (or lack thereof) at passersby in a virtual town square. People hear are invited to be candid and vulnerable in a safe and welcoming environment.

Your Personal Journey

We want to hear your unique story. Each person’s journey is special, unique and adds to the tapestry of our lives.

You are allowed to include a website link and or email along with a bio and any other relevant writing you would like to promote at the end of your posts. However, please ensure it is not off topic and is directly related to you.

We look forward to sharing your story at Borderland Faith and promoting your story to share with others.